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1995 Grimace Tricky Trackers Shake Car Happy Meal Toy

From the McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys 1995 Set – Tricky Trackers. McDonaldland Tricky Trackers was also called New Year Parade when used in other countries. The stickers and track colors varied between location sold. Each toy bag had a sticker sheet with colorful stickers and a McDonaldland character(s) on the stickers. The McDonaldland character is to be put on the wind-up food item as the driver. The other stickers go on the track piece. The 4 track pieces can be hooked together to create a larger track.

Set of 4 Included:

Ronald drives a Big Mac on a red track.
Hamburglar drives a Hamburger on a yellow track.
Birdie drives a French Fry red carton on a turquoise track.
Grimace drives a drink or shake cup on a purple track.

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